Since 1545 our abbey is in the possession of a remarkable work of art: the most faithful and the most beautiful replica of the ‘Last Supper’ painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the refectory of the monastery Santa Maria delle Grazie at Milan. Our ‘Last Supper’ has become even more precious because the original work has suffered so much throughout its history, that unfortunately, most of the original beauty has been lost. If you want to admire the ‘Last Supper’ of da Vinci in its original beauty, we advise you to pay a visit to our museum.

The museum is open from 14.00 hrs until 17 .00 hrs:

  • every day, from the 1st of May until the 30th of September
  • every during the Easter-holidays (except on Good Friday and Easter-day)
  • every sunday in the months of March, April and October

Entrance fee:

  • € 3 a person
  • € 2 for students, old-age pensioners, groups of at least 15 persons.
    • Da Vinci-museum
    • Norbertijnenabdij Tongerlo
    • Abdijstraat 40
    • B – 2260 Tongerlo (Antw.)
  • Curator: fr. Ivo Cleiren
  • E-mail: Klik hier
  • Telefoon: +32-(0)14-53 99 17
  • Fax: +32-(0)14-53 99 08
  • Rekeningnr. 417-6014331-13


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